Publications and research activity

Refereed Journal Publications

Lancastle, N. (2012) Circuit theory extended: the role of speculation in crises. Economics eJournal. 2012(34). Available from


Book Reviews

Lancastle, N. (2014) [Review of the book Teaching Post Keynesian Economics by J.Jespersen and M. Ove Madsen]. Review of Keynesian Economics 2(4), pp. 545-6.


Encyclopaedia Entries

Lancastle, N. (2015) Random walk.  In: Rochon, L.P. and Rossi, S. (eds.) Encyclopaedia of Central Banking. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.


Lancastle, N. (2015) Asset management. In: Rochon, L.P. and Rossi, S. (eds.) Encyclopaedia of Central Banking. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.


Conference Papers

Lancastle, N. (2015) Six key features of the emerging consensus between Club Class central banks. AHE Annual Conference, Southampton and DMU Research Conference, Leicester.


Lancastle, N. (2014) How should we regulate the carry trade? Ecobate 2014. Winchester, UK.


Lancastle, N. (2014) Rethinking market regulation: A proposal to integrate the National Accounts and expose foreign exchange risks. Conference on Data Standards, Information and Financial Stability. Loughborough, UK.


Lancastle, N. (2012) Extended circuit theory: modelling the impact of government intervention.  6th International Dijon Conference. Dijon, France.


Lancastle, N. (2011) Beyond the Washington Consensus: Accounting for Arbitrage Capital. Quadrangular PhD conference. Lancaster, UK.


Lancastle, N. (2011) A critical analysis of the G5 carry trade as an investible index. First International Conference of COST Action, PhD School. Paris.


Other research activity


Research Visits

Visiting Scholar. Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, Toronto (2013).


Event Organisation

Boom Bust Click. Film Preview and Q&A. Leicester (2015).

Rethinking Economics. Conference. London, UK (2014).

Who and What is Management For? PhD Conference. Leicester, UK. (2013)


Other Reviewing Activities

Peer Reviewer, Economics eJournal (2012-)

Editor, Rethinking Economics ( 2013-15)

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